Servicing Repairs Diagnostics – Looking after your BMW or MINI matters… 

The regular servicing and maintenance of any car is very important if you want to maintain its performance, reliability and value.

Looking after your BMW or MINI allows it to perform at its best and we will be more than happy to provide the all encompassing service that your car deserves. We strive to raise the bar for customer service and the level of expertise that we can offer you are your car.

Classic or new model? We want to help.

For ‘classic’ servicing schedules which are those models that follow the traditional service regime of oil service, inspection 1 and inspection 2 services we adhere to the same specific guidelines that BMW demand. We go through a checklist working through the car and replacing what is due to be changed on that particular schedule.

For ‘newer’ BMW models that follow ‘CBS’ or condition based servicing schedules we can work with you in identifying what needs attention and when.

If you are in need of any servicing work simply give us a call on 01952 461462 and we will look to discuss your requirements and book you in at a time that suits you best.