Things can go wrong at any time through wear and tear or damage. We are able to offer a complete solution for your vehicle covering everything to do with your car.From brake pads to clutch replacements to engine rebuilds we have an extensive knowledge base and skill set covering all areas of the BMW range.

I’ve just bought a BMW or MINI and I want to have it looked over for peace of mind?

Totally understandable. Its easy buying a car but if you want to ensure its going to be at its best it’s important to get it checked over and we are here to help. Simply call us on 01952 461462 and we can discuss your needs further.

My engines broken? Can you help?

Yes is the short answer! We have been working on BMW engines for many years and can carry out full strip down and rebuilds as well as the replacement of timing chains, guides, head gaskets, etc.

N45 N46 and N43 petrol engines are a speciality of ours and we can offer a very comprehensive service on these motors.

The M47 and N47 diesel engines are also catered for with timing chain replacement and rebuild services available.

MINI N12 and N14 engines are covered timing chain replacement, headgaskets etc. Is your MINI puffing clouds of blue smoke out when revved or is it using oil? We can fix these problems without having to replace the engine. Please call us for details

We have seen countless customer vehicles come to us because other garages didn’t know where to start or what to do. If you are facing a big bill always get the second opinion of a specialist such as ourselves. Knowing the cars like we do cuts out the guess work leading to accurate prices that are not likely to increase due to unforeseen circumstances.

Timing Chain rattling? Let us sort it before it snaps!

Traditionally BMW’s and MINI’s have used timing chains. This used to mean that you would never have to change them as you would with a cambelt. Modern day timing chains sadly do not work the same way and we have seen them stretching and even snapping! This as you can imagine causes catastrophic damage that cannot normally be economically repaired. We have the tools and experience to rectify these issues BEFORE its too late.