BMW & MINI diagnostics programming coding fault codes – what next?

Modern vehicles are an impressive feat of engineering. They pack vast levels of technology into a very small package and sadly things go wrong.
These advances in technology mean that the average owner or mechanic are not able to keep up with the pace of these changes or the tools required to diagnose and solve problems.

We have the technology!

We have invested heavily in specialist specific BMW diagnostic machines that enable us to go deep within the core of the car and effectively interrogate it. This allows us to read fault codes, live data and finally coding / programming of modules.

Changing electrical components now is not as straight forward as unplugging and plugging back in a replacement unit. ‘coding’ or ‘programming’ to the vehicle before it can be used.  We are able to code these items to the car which in turn will remove the fault light and have the car performing to factory specs once more.

To recap….

Diagnostic scanning for fault codes
Live data for in-depth problem solving and vehicle health check
Coding and programming of replacement electrical components

As you can see we have virtually every base covered. If your car needs attention, we can help.